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A sample of one of the exhibition stands.

VIDAR Media Group: Translation into German for exhibition

This project combined the requirement for high accuracy and attention to detail with fast turnaround and dependable service. VIDAR was designing and delivering a trilingual exhibition in the Republic of Ireland for the Taoiseach's Office. We were able to provide an extremely high quality translation service, and combine this with the requirement to be available outside of normal working hours. As a result, VIDAR was able to complete the work on time - and under budget.

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I must congratulate Aardvark for the speed, accuracy and professionalism of their service. We had a very fast-turnaround heritage exhibition to complete and would not have been able to achieve the tight deadline without the superb contribution from Aardvark. We will certainly be using Aardvark for all future foreign language services. Simon Hill VIDAR Media Group Ltd