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RD Biomed

Graphical representation of reflux in the stomach

RD Biomed designs and makes Peptest™- the world’s first non-invasive reflux diagnostic test. RD Biomed specialises in diagnostics for gastroenterology and respiratory conditions.

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Touch Bionics

Claudia Breidbach using an i-limb

Touch Bionics is responsible for developing and improving the world’s first bionic hand with 5 independently moving fingers, transforming lives across the globe.

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Rebekah Marine using an i-limb

Rebekah Marine: i-limb™ user

Touch Bionics

Touch Bionics has transformed thousands of lives in dozens of countries through world-leading prosthetic technologies. We have a range of myoelectric prosthetic hands and prosthetic fingers that help people increase their independence and confidence.

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The i-limb™ quantum is the next best thing to real hands and as a bilateral amputee having the ability to do what I want to do independently is truly remarkable. Jason i-limb quantum™ user

Touch Bionics

Healthcare and life sciences, Technology
prosthetics, bionics, robotics, healthcare, technology, limb loss

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