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If you need the best technology, look no further than the UK.

The UK is a world leader: in 2016, we ranked first for science and technology according to the Good Country Index and third in the Global Innovation Index.

The UK technology industry underpins many of our successful business sectors – from financial services and high-value manufacturing, to retail and agriculture – and continues to expand at an extraordinary pace.

Key facts

  • The UK has the largest technology market in Europe
  • The second largest telecoms service exporter globally is from the UK
  • The UK has the largest data centre market in Europe

Many of the world’s best-known and successful companies take advantage of UK innovation, and we are proud that we provide a technological springboard for companies worldwide.

  • Our technology industry is one of the world’s largest and shows the UK’s creativity and design skills. The UK is particularly focussed on: low-power radio-frequency electronics, such as the first single-chip implementation of Bluetooth and the international NarrowBand-Internet of Things standard
  • development of 5G communications, which will underpin the development of connected devices
  • data analytics to create real-time consumer trends, behaviour and insights
  • data centres - we have the largest market capacity in Europe
  • artificial intelligence - we are home to many successful artificial intelligence (AI) start-up companies, especially those specialising in machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing
  • producing compound semiconductor materials producing frontier-based sensor technologies.

UK technology firms are global success stories

There are thousands of technology start-ups in the UK, thanks to our strong entrepreneurial culture.

Successful technology companies can be found all over the country and if you're looking to grow your business through technology, the UK is an ideal place to find a trade partner.

Our flourishing start-ups complement a host of established global technology companies based here. UK technology success stories include:

  • a telecommunications services company that operates in 180 markets with revenue of more than £19 billion
  • the world's third-largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software
  • a mobile virtual network operator in 21 countries worldwide
  • the world's second biggest mobile telecomms network (by number of connections)
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Mobile phone being used to interact with a bottle of Johnnie Walker using evrythng technology

EVRYTHNG is an Internet of Things software company that helps manufacturers digitalise their physical products by connecting them to the web. From everyday consumer packaged products connected via smart packaging and smartphones, to fully-connected smart home appliances, each individual item managed in the EVRYTHNG cloud has a unique Active Digital Identity

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Connectivity diagram of Arkessa's IoT services

Arkessa enables devices and applications developers to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), regardless of location, network operator or wireless technology. It provides enterprises with a secure and future-proof mobility platform that is easy to adopt, integrate and scale.

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Mobile phone displaying evrythng's commercial traceability product



EVRYTHNG’s commercial Internet of Things traceability solution allows brands to track and report the status, location and history of everything they produce from manufacture through to the home. EVRYTHNG’s flexible data model enables the complex, interlinked hierarchy of component parts, finished product, batches, cases and pallets can be identified and mapped.

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Companies can transform the value of their physical assets in the EVRYTHNG cloud by adding an intelligent, personalised layer of digital content, services and data analytics.


Internet of Things, data analytics, traceability, connectivity

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