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Mobile phone being used to interact with a bottle of Johnnie Walker using evrythng technology

EVRYTHNG is an Internet of Things software company that helps manufacturers digitalise their physical products by connecting them to the web. From everyday consumer packaged products connected via smart packaging and smartphones, to fully-connected smart home appliances, each individual item managed in the EVRYTHNG cloud has a unique Active Digital Identity

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Connectivity diagram of Arkessa's IoT services

Arkessa enables devices and applications developers to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), regardless of location, network operator or wireless technology. It provides enterprises with a secure and future-proof mobility platform that is easy to adopt, integrate and scale.

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Mobile phone displaying evrythng's commercial traceability product



EVRYTHNG’s commercial Internet of Things traceability solution allows brands to track and report the status, location and history of everything they produce from manufacture through to the home. EVRYTHNG’s flexible data model enables the complex, interlinked hierarchy of component parts, finished product, batches, cases and pallets can be identified and mapped.

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Companies can transform the value of their physical assets in the EVRYTHNG cloud by adding an intelligent, personalised layer of digital content, services and data analytics.


Internet of Things, data analytics, traceability, connectivity

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