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Company number: 01738505

Number of employees: 51-200

Company description

Owners of the UK brands: Percol Coffee; and Rocket Fuel energy instant coffee.
Roast coffees and instant coffees, coffee bags (like tea bags), coffee capsules, beans and energy coffee.

Suppliers to multiple retailers, healthfood wholesalers and online.

Currently exporting to the Far East, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Available to export worldwide.

1983 Food Brands Group established
1987 Percol Coffee launched
2003 Awarded first of 6 consecutive Business in the Community Awards
2011 Listed in The Telegraph’s Top 1000 Britain’s Brightest Businesses
2013 FBG becomes part of Löfbergs which was founded in 1906 and is now one of the biggest coffee roasters in the Nordic region.

We consider the environment and the people around us in everything we do.
We support a handful of charities and initiatives close to our hearts. We take responsibility from bean to cup, from the farm to end consumer.

In the UK, Instant coffee accounts for 65% of the category with consumers trading ‘up’ instead of ‘out’ in the sector. We challenge the big suppliers with unrivalled flavour and quality.

Single-serve ground coffee is a growing sector that has huge potential. See our Nespresso Compatible Plant-based coffee Capsules, and Coffee Bags (like tea bags).

See our websites for our branded products: instant coffee, coffee powder, agglomerate coffee, microground coffee, freeze dried coffee, spray dried coffee, & guarana energy natural coffee, plus 100% Arabica ground roast coffee.

Fairtrade Coffee, Rainforest Alliance Coffee, Organic Coffee

- Percol Instant Coffee jars (6x100g)
- Percol Roast & Ground Coffee packs (6x200g)
- Percol Coffee Beans (6x200g, 8x227g & 6x1kg)
- Percol Nespresso Compatible Plant Based Coffee Capsules (9x57g) (Organic)
- Percol Ground Coffee Bags (3x80g) - each bag is 8g (use like tea bags)

Rocket Fuel energy instant coffee (6x100g) - visit Facebook

Core industry

Food and drink